Before re-mortgaging you should ensure that there will be no penalty charges payable to your existing mortgage company and that you are not tied into them.

Once you have agreed to remortgage your property, we will need to obtain the title to the property and carry out any searches required by your new mortgage company.

A surveyor may also be appointed by your new mortgage company to carry out a valuation on your property depending upon the amount you propose to remortgage for.

We will then need to approve the title to your property on behalf of the mortgage company and deal with any queries at that time.

Once a formal offer of mortgage has been issued you will need to sign a mortgage deed and a completion date will then need to be agreed. On completion, any existing mortgages you have against the property will need to be paid off by the new mortgage funds.

Following completion we will arrange to have the old mortgage removed from your title and the new mortgage registered.